"I expected that hearing everybody else's hard story would add to my load. But instead, I feel lighter—that I now have other people sharing my load, and I'm sharing theirs."

"I laughed and I didn't feel guilty which I haven't done since our son died."

"I leave with more tools to deal with this than I have had so far."

"We have been to all kinds of grief groups and counseling but more has happened and helped us in the first 24 hours here than all of that put together."

"God has taken away a lot of my excuses for staying stuck. They are not working for me."

"This has been an answer to prayer. I have been lost, and I asked God to send someone to lead me through this, and he has."

"We felt normal here, and we haven't felt normal anywhere since our son died."

"I still don't know everyone's name and yet I feel like we've known each other our whole lives."

"This was a pivot point in our grief to move forward."

"I can start to let go of all of the anger I have been feeling."

"I have felt for two years like I've been lost out in an ocean of sorrow, and after this weekend, I feel like I can see the shore."

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